Dr. Paul Louis Metzger loves to speak at churches, community groups, conferences, and other events. He is available to speak on a variety of topics, including (but not limited to) Trinitarian theology, theology of cultural engagementrelational-incarnational apologetics, lifestyle evangelism, biblical passages, a variety of cultural issues including religious diplomacy, race reconciliation, and other justice concerns, and more.

Dr. Metzger’s standard honorarium is $1,500/day. While this rate helps him to be a good steward of his time and energy, balancing his responsibilities related to family, teaching, administration, and writing, he does not wish finances to be a limiting factor for any group. At times, he will even accept speaking invitations with no honorarium. That being said, please fill out the speaking inquiry form below and give Dr. Metzger an opportunity to discern whether your event might be a good fit for the themes of his work. The most important point of consideration for Dr. Metzger will be the resonance between his theology and theology of culture values and your work.

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