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Dr. Paul Louis Metzger (Ph.D.) is Professor of Christian Theology & Theology of Culture at Multnomah University and Seminary. He is also the Founder and Director of The Institute for Cultural Engagement: New Wine, New Wineskins and Editor of New Wine’s journal Cultural Encounters: A Journal for the Theology of Culture. Integrating theology and spirituality with cultural sensitivity stands at the center of Dr. Metzger’s ministry vision. He and his wife, Mariko, have been active in intercultural ministry in churches in the States, Japan, and England. Dr. Metzger is the author of Setting the Spiritual Clock: Sacred Time Breaking Through the Secular Eclipse (Cascade, 2020); Beatitudes, Not Platitudes: Jesus’ Invitation to the Good Life (Cascade, 2018); Evangelical Zen: A Christian’s Spiritual Travels With a Buddhist Friend (Patheos, 2015); Connecting Christ: How to Discuss Jesus in a World of Diverse Paths (Thomas Nelson, May 2012); New Wine Tastings: Theological Essays of Cultural Engagement (Cascade, 2011); The Gospel of John: When Love Comes to Town (InterVarsity Press, 2010); Exploring Ecclesiology: An Evangelical and Ecumenical Introduction (co-authored with Brad Harper; Brazos, 2009); Consuming Jesus: Beyond Race and Class Divisions in a Consumer Church (Eerdmans, 2007); and The Word of Christ and the World of Culture: Sacred and Secular through the Theology of Karl Barth (Eerdmans, 2003). He is co-editor of A World for All?: Global Civil Society in Political Theory and Trinitarian Theology (co-edited with William F. Storrar and Peter J. Casarella; Eerdmans, 2011); and editor of Trinitarian Soundings in Systematic Theology (T&T Clark International, 2005). Dr. Metzger is a member of the Center of Theological Inquiry, Princeton, New Jersey, and served as Senior Mission Scholar in Residence, Spring 2018 at the Overseas Ministries Study Center, New Haven, Connecticut. The Metzgers have two children and one grandchild. He has a keen interest in the art of Katsushika Hokusai and Georges Rouault, the writings of John Steinbeck, and the music of Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, The Doors, and Nirvana. Dr. Metzger blogs frequently at Uncommon God, Common Good(Patheos). Dr. Metzger’s present research projects include a forthcoming volume on a personalist moral vision with IVP Academic.

Endorsements for his Patheos Column, Uncommon God, Common Good: 

“Paul Metzger writes with uncommon insight and lucidity about enacting faith at the intersection of culture and politics. An excellent resource for Christians who are intent on being publicly aware and culturally astute without compromising their faith, and for all people of good will who are committed to greater understanding for the sake of the greater good.”

-Tom Krattenmaker, contributor to Salon, the Los Angeles TimesThe Huffington Post, and author of Confessions of a Secular Jesus Follower.

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  1. knitternun

    Dear Dr. Metzger, Thank you for your thoughtful, often provocative articles and essays. I myself am no longer Evangelical as I was turned away by too much of what I call magical thinking and a general departure from critical thinking skills. But there are some Evangelicals who demonstrate that they have them, such as yourself.

    I was wondering, are you by any chance related to Bruce Metzger, renowned scholar? I grew up in Princeton, NJ, dated guys at the seminary, had dinner with the Metzgers several times. A charming, lovely man.


    • Paul Louis Metzger

      Thank you for your words. No Bruce and I are not related. Glad you were able to enjoy a nice evening with the Metzgers. All the best.


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