More Than Things

A Personalist Ethics for a Throwaway Culture

COMING IN SUMMER OF 2023 We live in a culture of commodification. People are too often defined by what they do or own; they’re treated as means to an end or cogs in a machine. What goes missing is a deep sense of personhood—the belief that all humans are unique subjects with inherent worth and the right […]

Paul Louis Metzger;

Setting the Spiritual Clock: Sacred Time Breaking Through the Secular Eclipse

Various Christian traditions mark their calendars to reflect the biblical and ecclesial narrative and enhance public worship. Such efforts safeguard against secularization’s encroachment in the church’s life. Setting the Spiritual Clock serves as a guide and traveling companion for the liturgical year, which circles the glorious Son as he breaks through the secular eclipse. Advent Discount […]

Beatitudes, Not Platitudes: Jesus’ Invitation to the Good Life

Beatitudes, Not Platitudes shows that the Beatittudes are not overuesed, well-worn answers to the question, “What would Jesus do?” Rather, they are undervalued and hardly touched claims that transform our destinies. More than spiritual nuggets for personal devotion, practical advice or propositions to be believed, the Beatitudes in Matthew 5 envision and entail a reorientation […]

Evangelical Zen: A Christian’s Spiritual Travels With a Buddhist Friend

A Christian's Spiritual Travels With a Buddhist Friend

Evangelical Zen is part Augustine’s Confessions and part Robert Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Here Paul Louis Metzger, an Evangelical Christian, reflects on his spiritual journey—an inner pilgrimage of sorts that weaves through a physical forty-day journey with his family to Japan. The experiences of that journey, the beauties of Japan, its […]

Paul Louis Metzger;

A World for All?: Global Civil Society in Political Theory and Trinitarian Theology

Global Civil Society in Political Theory and Trinitarian Theology

In this ecumenical, interdisciplinary dialogue, social theorists and theologians contemplate a globally inclusive social vision unbounded by national and ethnic borders and examine the ongoing relationship between civil society and the church that worships a Trinitarian God.

Eds. William F. Storrar, Peter J. Casarella, Paul Louis Metzger;